The Real Neat Blog Award

Hi Everyone! Here I am with the first of my catch-up book tags! I was nominated for this award way back when by the very lovely Audrey @ ForwardsAndBookwords, thank you Audrey! I am still so humbled and excited when I get tagged to write anything! Now let’s get on with it, shall we?

The rules of this award are:

1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the seven questions your nominator provided.

3. Nominate seven other bloggers.

4. Create seven questions for your nominees.

Audrey’s Questions for me are:

  • What author would you most like to have as a best friend? 
  • I have to go with the clichéd answer of J.K Rowling; not only does she seem up for talking about Harry Potter at pretty much any time but she is super knowledgeable and full of wisdom which I think would make her a very compassionate best friend and someone you could really learn from.


  • What’s the biggest goal you want to achieve in your lifetime?  
  • The biggest goal that I would like to achieve in my lifetime is to be truly happy and fulfilled and to make as many other people as possible feel this way too. I feel that in the materialistic world that we live in happiness is underrated and often overlooked but what is better than making others happy and being happy in the process? For me, nothing.


  • Would you rather be the published author of an incredibly successful book or be best friends with all of your favourite authors of incredibly successful books? 
  • This is a tough one but I think I’d rather be an author. It was always a dream of mine when I was little to write and publish my own novel someday and I was always starting novels that never got finished so it would be amazing if one day I had an idea good enough to write a whole novel on! Also my best friend Eilidh @ Turning The Faucet On is going to be an incredibly successful author one day, it’s inevitable, so if I were to be an author too I’d have the best of both worlds!


  • Do you prefer paperbacks or hardbacks? 
  • Ooh another tough one! I love those really floppy paperbacks that you get because they’re just so floppy y’know? But then I always feel that hardbacks are so luxurious and fancy because we don’t generally buy hardbacks that often here in the UK so I guess I see them as a treat? However when it comes to actually reading them I find hardbacks quite tricky to read and also they’re heavier.   Do you see my struggle? So basically I love both, any book will do for me!


  • Do you collect anything (beside books)? 
  • I guess you could say that I collect photographs, I am always looking through old photos when I’m at home or my granny’s, I absolutely love that you can catch a moment in time and keep it forever like how amazing is that?! So I love photos and keep even silly ones. One day I hope to have the funds to collect guitars because guitars are beautiful and I need them all, thank you very much.


  • When is your favourite time to read? 
  • My favourite time to read is just before bed when I am snuggled up in bed, with the only light being my lamp that casts a warm glow over my whole room. I feel like this is such a magical time to read and it makes me feel really calm and happy. That being said I like to read anytime and anywhere!


  • How many books would you estimate you’ve read in your lifetime? 
  • This is something I would absolutely love to know, imagine being able to know exactly how many books you’ve read in your lifetime and what each of them were! I would estimate that I’ve read between 200-400 books in my lifetime which I know is quite a wide range but I’m just not sure!


Thank you to Audrey for the awesome questions!

I nominate:

Eilidh @ Turning The Faucet On


Erika @ Erika In Bookventureland

My 7 Questions for you are:

  1. What is your favourite word?
  2. If you could go on holiday anywhere on earth or somewhere in space where would you choose?
  3. What is your favourite type of cake? (a tough one I know)
  4. Tea or Coffee? Explain your choice.
  5. What is the last film you saw in the cinema and did you enjoy it?
  6. Do you write in your books?
  7. What do you love most in the world besides your friends and family?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Until next time,

Shannon 🙂

BL - 1


The Beautiful Blogger Award

TBBA - 1

Hi everyone! The wonderful Charley at booksandbakes1 has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I can’t explain how happy it makes me to be nominated for these blog awards or tagged in a book tag so thank you so much Charley! Thinking up seven random facts is a bit of a challenge but here goes!

The Rules:

  • Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you.
  • List seven random things about yourself.
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.
  • Notify the amazing people that you nominated for the award.

7 Random Facts About Me!

I am left handed

My favourite colour is yellow

My all- time favourite movie is 10 things I hate about you (that smile though)

I share a birthday with my Granny

I used to do Highland Dancing

I hardly ever finish TV series that I love because I’m scared of being sad when they end

My favourite ride at Disney World is Expedition Everest

The Beautiful Bloggers That I Nominate Are:

Eilidh @ Turning The Faucet On

Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions

Student By Day, Reader By Night

Shannon @ Booklovingshannon

Aira @Airareads

Thanks again for the nomination Charley! I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

Shannon x


The Liebster Award

TLA - 1

Hi everyone! Today I have something really exciting for you! Ok, it’s probably more exciting for me than for you but I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy taking part in it! This week I was very kindly nominated to take part in the Liebster Award by Audrey at Forwards and Bookwords and I could not have been more delighted – thank you Audrey! Then, to my astonishment, I was nominated for a second time by Andy at Too Many Books Not Enough Shelves, so thank you very much Andy! I have honestly been amazed by how warmly I have been welcomed into the blogging community so I’d like to say a quick thank you to anyone who takes the time to read my blog, like my posts or leave lovely comments – it all makes me extremely happy! Anyway, on with the show! The Liebster Award is a way of recognising and promoting blogs that you love and think deserve recognition, particularly smaller/newer blogs such as mine! As I have been so kindly nominated twice I will be answering a total of 22 questions so I will try and keep my answers short and sweet!

TLA - 2

Audrey’s Questions

  • Would you rather never be able to read again or never be able to write again? 
    1. This is a really tricky one but, shockingly, I’d rather never read again with the simple reason being that I write my own songs and the feeling of writing then singing one of your own songs is unparalleled, in my opinion.  However, if I was never able to read again all of my songs would be VERY sad!
  • What is a bookish sport/event that you wish existed in real life? 
    1. Quidditch! I would love the opportunity to play Quidditch, I think I would play the position of chaser; maybe I’d even go pro like Ginny!
  • What is a series that you think is underrated? 
    1. A series that I love is the Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella.  Now I know that this is a widely loved and well-known series but I feel that in the blogging/booktube world it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves – I mean, come on; it’s hilarious!
  • What is a book that you liked “before it was cool”? 
    1. I honestly don’t think there is one! I’m usually pretty late to the party where books are concerned so . . .
  • How do you like to organise your bookshelves?
    1. My bookshelves are organised with my TBR first (in no particular order) then I have two postcards separating my TBR from my other books which are then organised in alphabetical order or author’s last name.
  • Who, in your opinion, is the ultimate book villain? 
    1. Hmm, I am torn between Lord Voldemort – poor child turned soulless mass murderer and Queen Levana of the Lunar Chronicles – evil queen who manipulates the minds of her subjects.  Both are great villains in their own right!
  • What book has a horrible cover but a great story? 
    1. The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen has a pretty awful/boring cover but the story inside is a stunning tale of an injured runner with an amazing goal.  The writing in this book is so compelling and beautiful, if you haven’t read this book I would highly recommend it!
  • What is a hyped book/series that you never see yourself reading? 
    1. I will never read the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy.
  • What is a book that you want to see turned into a movie? 
    1. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, this seriously needs to be a movie – like now!
  • What book animal/creature would you like to have as a pet? 
    1. A purple Pygmy Puff would be pretty cute, right? I would name it Dimple.
  • What’s the least amount of pages it took you to decide not to finish a book? What book and why?
  1. I usually persevere with books all the way to the end but I read half of Mockingjay (from the Hunger Games Trilogy) and really didn’t like it so although I did finish it I only skim read the latter half.

Andy’s Questions

  • What book totally took you by surprise and how? 
    1. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee took me totally by surprise.  I read it with my class for school and at first I thought it was going to be a difficult read and not my cup of tea but it ended up being my favourite book of all time!  I was totally won over by Harper Lee’s impeccable characters!
  • If you could be transported into any world, what world would it be? 
    1. I have to go with the cliché answer of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, is there anyone who wouldn’t want to go to school at Hogwarts, shop in Diagon Alley and buy sweets from Honeydukes? I don’t think so.
  • What kind of character are you (hero/villain, main character/minor etc)? 
    1. I feel that everyone’s life is a story, we are all living in our worlds and dictating when an old chapter ends and a new one begins. So, hopefully, I will be the hero of my own story.
  • If you were ever able to meet your favourite author, who would it be and what would you say to them? 
    1. One of my favourite author’s is Sophie Kinsella so if I had the opportunity to meet her I hope that I would be over afternoon tea and I would ask her to recommend books to be, chat about Becky Bloomwood and hopefully get the scoop on her latest writing project!
  • Who’s your favourite minor character? Why? 
    1. One of my favourite minor characters is Iko from the Lunar Chronicles simply because she is so adorable in the way that she so desperately wants to be a human and I love when she fangirls over the boys in the series, especially Prince Kai.
  • What stand-alone book do you feel deserves a sequel? 
    1. For this one I’d have to go with My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.  I know that her other books are kind of companion novels, as they’re set in the same town so we get to see/hear snippets of Samantha and Jase’s relationship but I will always have the need for more,  I NEED DETAILS!!
  • Where do you read? 
    1. I will read pretty much anywhere; in fact 99% of the time there is a book in my bag, no matter where I am going!  But the majority of the time I read in/on my bed – it’s just so comfortable!  I will say though; one day I hope to have a really cute/comfy reading nook or a window seat as my designated reading spot.
  • How are your bookshelves organised? 
    1. I answered this previously in this post so you should already know! J
  • Do you ever buy cover reprints? 
    1. This is not something that I have done in the past but it is definitely be something that I do in the future starting with the Harry Potter series!
  • What fictional character do you wish actually existed? 
    1. Ron Weasley every time! If anyone knows of a real life Ron then hook me up! :’)
  • Tell me a funny book story (something that happened at the library/book store/book club or even an interaction on social media)
  1. Ok, so my story isn’t funny but I think it may be interesting? Basically, at one of my school fairs my mum entered me into the raffle without my knowledge so when the names of the winners were being called out at assembly I wasn’t really paying attention.  Then my name was called so I had to quickly get up and go to the front to collect my prize and I had won the first four Harry Potter books (all that were out at the time) and that’s how I came to read and fall in love with the Harry Potter series, a stroke of luck and a raffle ticket that I didn’t even know I had!

11 Random Facts about me:

  1. I live in Scotland.
  2. I am a singer-songwriter
  3. My three favourite things are books, music and cake!
  4. My favourite band is All Time Low
  5. I have been to 5 concerts so far in my life
  6. I have one younger sister
  7. I love to bake in my spare time
  8. I hope to go to University to study Festival and Events Management with Tourism
  9. I get my exam results on the 4th August
  10. The beach is the place where I am calmest
  11. I share a birthday with one of my Grandmothers

My Questions for those I nominate;

  • What is the reasoning/meaning behind your blog name?
  • What is your favourite movie of all time?
  • Would you rather; everyone read/knew about your favourite book or no one but you knew about/could read your favourite book?
  • Name an author that you have never read before but are excited to read their books
  • What is your most well-travelled book? (e.g is there a certain book you take with you everywhere?)
  • Who most encouraged you to start reading?
  • What is your dream job? Why?
  • Have you ever met any authors (or musicians/celebrities that you look up to?)
  • Do you prefer tea or coffee?
  • Where would you most like to travel?
  • What is your favourite era/century from the past? And why?

As I am still quite a new blogger I don’t feel that I am able to nominate 11 people, however, my nominees are all wonderful and they are;

Eilidh @ Turning The Faucet On

E and J @ Thewildbookworms

Amanda @ Anchored To Sunshine (what a beautiful blog name!)

So, you have reached the end of this mammoth post, well done! Thanks again to Audrey and Andy for nominating me and I can’t wait to read the posts of those I have nominated!

Until next time,

Shannon x